The GENERAL ROOFING Standing Seam Steel Difference

Our construction company is expert in steel roof installation and manufactures all the roof panels that we install.   Just as important, we manufacture all the trim components such as drip edge, rake, z-bar, hip and ridge covers.   All of these components are made with the same 24 gauge steel panels and are custom made for the pitch of your roof.  

Each and every roof is manufactured and installed by us with no sub-contractors. 

Each metal roofing installation comes with a 50 year structural warranty and a 30 year color warranty.

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The Standing Seam Steel HIDDEN FASTENER Difference

  • EXPOSED FASTENER SYSTEMS are often referred to as “pole barn” steel or “tin” roof systems.  These panels are thin steel rolled in approximately 36” wide panels.  
  • These systems involve drilling/screwing hundreds of holes through the roof panel metal and sub-roof membrane in order to fasten the metal onto the roof. The screws with this system are exposed to all the elements. 
  • What keeps this roof with hundreds or thousands of holes from leaking to begin with?  The entire waterproofing is dependent on a rubber/plastic gasket at the top of the screw.   
  • Our HIDDEN FASTENER SYSTEM uses clips to anchor down the panels without running fasteners through the steel roofing panel.  By using the clip system, every panel is allowed to expand and contract to the temperature changes occurring every day.   Read more...   

24 Gauge Steel versus 28-30 Gauge Steel

  • All of the EXPOSED FASTENER roofing panels require hundreds or even thousands of screw holes to be drilled through the metal and into the sub-roof membrane. In order to drill all these holes through the metal, the metal needs to be thin by steel standards.   
  • The heaviest/thickest exposed fastener pole barn steel panel available is 28 gauge. Some manufacturers even use panels that are as thin as 30 gauge.  The thinness of these “Pole Barn” panels can make the roof easily damaged by hail denting, heavy snows or by being blown off by a wind as low as 50 miles per hour.  
  • Our entire HIDDEN FASTENER ROOF SYSTEM including the trim is 24 gauge steel. Compare the thickness difference between 24 gauge and 28, 29, and 30 gauge in this chart: Metal Thickness Gauge.  Then, read more...       


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