• Exposed fastener systems are often referred to as “pole barn” steel or “tin” roof systems. These panels are thin steel rolled in approximately 36” wide panels.
  • The system involves drilling/screwing hundreds holes through the roof panel metal and sub-roof membrane in order to fasten the metal onto the roof. The screws with this system are exposed to all the elements.
  • What keeps this roof with hundreds or thousands of holes from leaking to begin with? The entire waterproofing is dependent on a rubber/plastic gasket at the top of the screw.
  • Besides the obvious problem of having hundreds/thousands of holes drilled into a roof, the exposed fastener system does not allow for the normal expansion and contraction of the metal panel. 
  • Studies have shown that a 10’ panel can expand or contract as much as ¼” between day and night temperature changes. A roof in North Dakota is exposed to some of the biggest temperature swings in the United States. 
  • This problem of not allowing for expansion and contraction of the panels causes the screws to loosen - no matter how tightly they are attached. In fact, almost all instructions for installation of the EXPOSED FASTENER SYSTEM warns that the screw gasket can be ruined by tightening the screws to the point of ruining the gasket.  
  • Our HIDDEN FASTENER SYSTEM uses clips to anchor down the panels without running fasteners through the steel roofing panel.  By using the clip system, every panel is allowed to expand and contract to the temperature changes occurring every day.  
  • Pole barn EXPOSED FASTENER steel systems were always intended to be used on “pole barns” or light industrial buildings.  (Most building departments don’t require a permit to build a “Pole Barn” because these structures are considered to be temporary buildings.)    

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